The Cast of Characters

Our primary character is Peeper, the life-size promotional robot. When complimented with company apparel (signage, hat or shirt), you have one of the most effective interactive marketing tools (and attention grabbers) available today! Custom engineering, the best operating range of any robot on the market and dependability round out this proven good-will ambassador's attributes. Optional sound system available loaded with a selection of crazy music and sound-effects adding a whole new level of zany fun! It features a tilting head that creates the illusion of vision and telescoping neck that extends to over 6 feet as well as one functional arm.

Quadracon is the space-age member of the family! Just like Peeper, Quadracon specializes in technotainment. Standing approximately 5 feet tall, Quadracon is able to move about a floor and engage people in animated conversations. Its head turns side to side, has one working arm and lots of flashing lights.