How Promotional Robots Can Impact Your Event

Robot promotions can have an impact at any event. Here are a few examples of real experiences with our robots. Not sure of the role our robot can play at your next event? Contact us and we can chat.

Trade Show
The robot works at the edge of the exhibit area drawing consumers into the space. In a selling environment, we qualify the lead quickly in an entertaining manner before turning over to booth personnel. Helps your organization stand out from the competition, garners great attention within the trade show and will attract media if in attendance. Best of all, we can bring a smile to the face of your toughest customer!

Retail Sales/Grand Openings
The robot works the lease line in a mall or works in a tented area in a parking lot. The intent to draw consumers in the vicinity into the retailer. We engage and communicate a special offer or product benefits. Highly effective in a mall environment at greatly increasing foot traffic into the venue.

Conventions/Corporate Meetings
The robot works in a variety of different areas engaging attendees. Provides convention schedule details and provides assistance with announcements such as a session starts, lunch announcements and general information.

Hotel Lobby Greeter
The robot works in the lobby area providing information regarding the hotel ammenities, directions, recommendations for things to do and entertainment. In a busy check-in environment, we take the customer's mind off line-ups and make a positive impact upon arrival.

Golf Tournaments (starter/greeter)
The robot works in the 1st tee area greeting and announcing golfers as they start their round. Highly entertaining.

Gala Functions
The robot works the entrance area/red carpet area greeting attendees as they arrive. A great ice-breaker and brand awareness tool.