Introducing the Man Behind the Curtain

Steve Watt is the principal performer behind Robot Promotions. He has over 30 years performance experience as "the man behind the curtain" and has travelled extensively across North America.

The journey began in 1986 where he trained under the guidance of Show America, a pioneer in the robot business and creators of Expo Ernie, the popular robotic mascot of Expo 86 in Vancouver. In 1997, Steve attained his own robot characters and began his adventure as Canada's answer to "Mr. Roboto".

From trade shows to retail promotions, Steve is well versed in robot–human interaction. He is extremely skilled at engaging people in conversation and most importantly, making people remember the product or brand he is representing. His greatest skill, besides being able to blend into a crowd, is his strong improvisational skills. Regardless of the type of business or event, he is able to converse as an industry expert with perspective clients, consumers and customers alike, cleaverly interweaving a marketing–sales message into the engagement.

Armed with a quick wit, a bent sense of humour and the gift of gab, he can bring a smile to any face and break the ice in a very unique manner at any event.

In Steve's words, "This is the greatest job in the world! Where else can you talk with over 5,000 people you meet over 3 days at a trade show? Or help someone decide that they really do need to purchase a smart phone even though they thought they didn't? Or introduce and poke a little fun at a government minister on-stage in front of 1,500 people? Or meet and greet a hotel lobby full of guests? That's my life as a robot!"